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Ridge Racer 6

Ridge Racer 6 Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Region: Australia
  • Release Date: 08/03/2010
  • Price: Available via Bundle Only
  • Cheapest Region: Canada (AUD 10.46)
  • Size: Unknown
  • Developer: Unknown
  • Publisher: Unknown

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Price History

This product is part of a bundle and is not available for purchase separately.

There is no price history to display.

Regional Pricing

Pricing does not consider local taxes which may be applicable at the point of sale.
RegionAUD Price
AustraliaNot Available
CanadaAUD 10.46
GermanyNot Available
United KingdomNot Available
United StatesAUD 14.00


Title Price
Ridge Racer 6 NA

Downloadable Content

Title Price
19: Ridge RacerDelisted Delisted
03: BassriderDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key23 Cl4 Xiaoyu EoDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key07 Cl2 Xevious FatalitaDelisted Delisted
35: Funk-A-TronicDelisted Delisted
38: Monte CarloDelisted Delisted
22: Silver StreamDelisted Delisted
06: Synthetic LifeDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key26 Cl4 Warpman HijackDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key10 Cl2 Pac-Man EoDelisted Delisted
25: Move MeDelisted Delisted
09: Light GrooveDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key29 Spc Andorgenesis UltranovaDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key13 Cl2 Shootaway HijackDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key16 Cl3 Klonoa ProphetieDelisted Delisted
41: Time CompressionDelisted Delisted
28: TuituiDelisted Delisted
12: Tek TrekDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key32 Spc Andorgenesis 490BDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key19 Cl3 Dragonspirit StarnoseDelisted Delisted
Electrosphere BayonetDelisted Delisted
31: Deep ResonanceDelisted Delisted
15: Drive U 2 Dancing RemixDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key35 Spc Namco Pac-ManDelisted Delisted
18: Motor Species RemixDelisted Delisted
02: Warp TrooperDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key22 Cl4 Dragonspirit MeltfireDelisted Delisted
Neucom AbeilleDelisted Delisted
34: DivasDelisted Delisted
37: T Minus TenDelisted Delisted
21: EuphoriaDelisted Delisted
05: Chrome DriveDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key25 Cl4 Mappy RaggioDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key09 Cl2 Popka MeltfireDelisted Delisted
40: BoomboxDelisted Delisted
24: Your VibeDelisted Delisted
08: Night StreamDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key28 Spc Galaga CrinaleDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key12 Cl2 Neneko RaggioDelisted Delisted
27: Eat'em Up!Delisted Delisted
11: Tunnel VisionaryDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key31 Spc Neucom PronzioneDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key15 Cl3 Toypop AbeilleDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key18 Cl3 Shootaway BayonetDelisted Delisted
Dragonsaber StarnoseDelisted Delisted
30: DaredevilDelisted Delisted
14: Speedster RemixDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key34 Spc Danver Bass CruiserDelisted Delisted
17: Blue Topaz RemixDelisted Delisted
01: HighrideDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key21 Cl4 Baraduke BisonteDelisted Delisted
Kilik Wild GangDelisted Delisted
33: Mars LandingDelisted Delisted
20: GripDelisted Delisted
04: Pulse PhazeDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key24 Cl4 Mitsurugi EsperanzaDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key08 Cl2 Solvalou BisonteDelisted Delisted
36: RisingDelisted Delisted
39: CarmineDelisted Delisted
23: Naked GlowDelisted Delisted
07: Disco BallDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key27 Spc Mitsurugi AngelusDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key11 Cl2 Finallap EsperanzaDelisted Delisted
26: Movin' In CirclesDelisted Delisted
10: Vanishing HorizonDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key30 Spc Pac-Man TerrajinDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key14 Cl3 Hyper Knight FieraDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key17 Cl3 Dragonsaber Wild GangDelisted Delisted
Baraduke FieraDelisted Delisted
29: Samurai RocketDelisted Delisted
13: Rotterdam Nation RemixDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key33 Spc Zasalamel G00Delisted Delisted
Unlock Key36 Spc MonstrousDelisted Delisted
Unlock Key20 Cl4 Nightraven FatalitaDelisted Delisted
Kantaris ProphetieDelisted Delisted
32: Liquid SoulDelisted Delisted
16: RareheroesDelisted Delisted