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Kyurinaga's Revenge

Kyurinaga's Revenge Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Region: Germany
  • Release Date: 02/17/2020
  • Price: EUR 4,99
  • Cheapest Region: Canada (EUR -1,52)
  • Size: Unknown
  • Developer: Unknown
  • Publisher: Unknown
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Kyurinaga's Revenge is a 2D-based game with lots of platforming, action and puzzles. Battle alongside our two heroes: The samurai Kaoru Tamanegi and the street fighter Broccoli Joe all across the Feudal Japan in their new adventure!

Kaoru's explosive traps. You can switch between characters at any point but bear in mind that, even if you are a lone wolf, you'll still need to combine both heroes in order to overcome all the enemies and puzzles that Kyurinaga is going to throw at you. Or you can also partner up with a friend and bring the Shogunate down in our co-op mode.

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Price History

04.09.2018New EUR 4,99
03.07.2018Save 60% EUR 2,00
13.03.2018Save 35% EUR 3,24
07.08.2017Drop 50% EUR 4,99
09.05.2017Drop 50% EUR 9,99
18.04.2017New EUR 19,99

Regional Pricing

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RegionEUR Price
AustraliaNot Available
CanadaEUR 3,47
GermanyEUR 4,99
United KingdomEUR 4,80
United StatesEUR 4,60


Title Price
Kyurinaga's Revenge EUR 4,99