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Bleed 2

Bleed 2 Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Region: Germany
  • Release Date: 10/16/2019
  • Price: EUR 14,99
  • Cheapest Region: Canada (EUR -4,70)
  • Size: Unknown
  • Developer: Unknown
  • Publisher: Unknown
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A furiously fun and fast-paced arcade action game, Bleed 2 welcomes back pink-haired heroine Wryn, the world’s greatest – and only remaining – hero, as she fights to defend the globe from an invading force of villains. Master the art of air-dodging and bullet-reflecting to stylishly take down a relentless barrage of bad guys and bosses (and naughty kittys!), and make sure Wryn lives up to her title as the Greatest Hero of All Time!


7 intense levels with over 25 boss fights

Unique controls let you shoot, dodge, reflect bullets and slow time all at once

4 difficulty levels that remix enemy placement and boss patterns

2-player local co-op for all modes

Unlockable weapons, characters and abilities

Arcade Mode: Tackle the game on a single life.

Challenge Mode: Fight up to three bosses at the same time

Endless Mode: Test yourself against a gauntlet of randomly-generated levels.

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Price History

10.09.2019Save 70% EUR 4,49
09.07.2019Save 75% EUR 3,74
04.09.2018New EUR 14,99
05.06.2018Save 50% EUR 7,50
10.11.2017Save 10% EUR 13,49
10.11.2017New EUR 14,99

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RegionEUR Price
AustraliaEUR 12,20
CanadaEUR 10,29
GermanyEUR 14,99
United KingdomEUR 13,87
United StatesEUR 13,58


Title Price
Bleed 2 EUR 14,99


Title Price
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Bleed Complete Bundle EUR 27,99