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Super Destronaut Dx

Super Destronaut Dx Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Region: Germany
  • Release Date: 10/15/2019
  • Price: EUR 4,99
  • Cheapest Region: Canada (EUR -1,57)
  • Size: Unknown
  • Developer: Unknown
  • Publisher: Unknown
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Once upon a time, arcade shooter gamers where you have to fend off impending waves of an alien menace, was all the rage, but while retro may be old, it is never forgotten. So, inspired by an arcade classic, Super Destronaut DX is retro space shooter that pits you against an enemy more dreaded than a UFO, a scoreboard. With multiple modes and high-scores that can be attained by yourself and players all over the globe, this is a game that will put you on the path of achieving a score as high as you can possibly muster.

So, if you are a fan of old-school shooters, be prepared to feel right at home and if you have a friend who is just as passionate as you are about shooting, why not have them play with you. With support for a local multiplayer mode, maybe the two of you together have just what it takes to beat the invading aliens once and for all and secure the top spot! You know you want too.


• 30 different Challenges to complete

• 3 modes in the form of Classic Mode, Time Attack & Hardcore

• 2 player multiplayer

• Various weapon types

• Online leaderboards

• Voice over narration by Barry Dunne

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04.09.2018New EUR 4,99
11.07.2018Save 15% EUR 4,24
11.07.2018New EUR 4,99

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RegionEUR Price
AustraliaNot Available
CanadaEUR 3,42
GermanyEUR 4,99
United KingdomEUR 4,56
United StatesEUR 4,53


Title Price
Super Destronaut Dx EUR 4,99