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Divekick Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Region: Germany
  • Release Date: 10/08/2014
  • Price: EUR 4,99
  • Cheapest Region: Canada (EUR -1,56)
  • Size: 3,61 GB
  • Developer: Iron Galaxy Studios, Llc
  • Publisher: Iron Galaxy Studios, Llc
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Divekick is the world’s first‐ever two­button fighting game! It made a splash with the press and fighting game community for not using a stick, yet still retaining the strategic gameplay and spacing techniques used by professional fighting game players. Now anyone can experience the thrill of fighting games without memorizing complex combos.

Key Features

· 14+ completely unique and original characters, each with their own fighting style and special techniques

· Includes Divekick: Addition Edition update featuring a new playable character, new stage, and multiple balance changes for existing characters

· A story for every character in the game, including an intro, ending, and rival battles

· Ranked and non­ranked GGPO­powered online play, the most trusted netcode in fighting games. Includes ranking boards for each character and overall

· Local VS play for 2 players, with quick & easy button reconfiguration.

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Price History

04.09.2018New EUR 4,99
18.04.2017New EUR 4,99
24.11.2015Drop 50% EUR 4,99
21.05.2015New EUR 9,99

Regional Pricing

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RegionEUR Price
AustraliaEUR 4,07
CanadaEUR 3,43
GermanyEUR 4,99
United KingdomEUR 4,62
United StatesEUR 4,52


Title Price
Divekick EUR 4,99