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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Ultimate Edition

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Ultimate Edition Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Release Date: 02/12/2015
  • Price: GBP 24.99 (Was: GBP 41.74) Save 40%
  • Cheapest Region: Canada (GBP -6.62)
  • Size: 3.51 GB
  • Developer: Hardsuit Labs, Torn Banner
  • Publisher: Activision

Show your strength with this Ultimate Edition. Includes the full game and all four customization DLC packs. Besiege castles and raid villages in this 24 player online experience. Trade in your guns and grenades to test your mettle on the medieval battlefield.• Full game includes over 25 battlefields, up to 24 player online multiplayer, and an all new Horde Mode.• Includes the following DLC Packs: Inquisitive Dreadnaught Bundle, Marauding Arbiter Pack, Barbarian Weapon Pack, and Barbarian Character Pack.• Deep melee combat system allows you to wield an arsenal of 60+ brutal weapons ranging from broad swords to longbows.• Switch between the intense combat of first-person to the tactical view of third-person anytime during battle.• Team tactics and strategy bring players together to batter down gates and assassinate enemy royalty to achieve victory.• Use a variety of siege weapons ranging from catapults, boiling oil, ballista, battering rams and more.

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Price History

15/02/2017Save 40% GBP 24.99
15/02/2017New GBP 41.74
29/12/2016Save 70% GBP 12.52
13/12/2016Increase 67% GBP 41.74
03/12/2016Drop 40% GBP 24.99
06/09/2016Save 40% GBP 24.99

Regional Pricing

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RegionGBP Price
AustraliaGBP 24.58
CanadaGBP 18.37
GermanyGBP 25.39
United KingdomGBP 24.99
United StatesGBP 24.06


Title Price
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare GBP 15.99

Downloadable Content

Title Price
Barbarian Weapon Pack GBP 6.39
Barbarian Character Pack GBP 6.39
Marauding Arbiter Pack GBP 6.39
Inquisitive Dreadnaught Bundle GBP 6.39