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Gigantic Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Release Date: 23/06/2017
  • Price: Free
  • Cheapest Region: United Kingdom
  • Size: 10.79 GB
  • Developer: Motiga
  • Publisher: Motiga, Inc

Gigantic is a third-person, Strategic Hero Shooter with fast & fluid action and deeply strategic team gameplay.

FIGHT alongside and against massive Guardians in epic 5 v 5 battles to control the battlefield. Eliminate the enemy Guardian by delivering the final wound and propel your team to victory.

MANEUVER expansive and intricate arenas with unparalleled speed and fluidity as you dash, dodge, and jump your way through heart-pounding engagements. Plan your attack from a high ledge or a hidden underpass – choose your own unique path to victory!

STRATEGIZE and adapt with your teammates to best your enemies. With a wildly diverse and visually stunning hero roster to choose from, the winning combination is sure to be different for each match. Summon Creatures, generate power, and fight with your Guardian to destroy the enemy team.

Think fast, be bold, Go Gigantic!

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18/04/2017New Free
09/12/2016New Free

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Gigantic Free

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Gigantic - 4360 RubiesDelisted Delisted
Gigantic Founder's PackDelisted Delisted