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Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth Of Naros

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth Of Naros Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Region: United States
  • Release Date: 04/17/2012
  • Price: Delisted
  • Cheapest Region: Australia (USD -5.22)
  • Size: 1.03 GB
  • Developer: 38 Studios / Big Huge Games
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc.

For decades the Kollossae, a proud people of faith and large stature, have wandered the face of Amalur in pursuit of the destiny that is due to them, but all does not appear right. Upon your expedition to Teeth of Naros, Secandra and her band of Kollossae warriors require your help to solve the riddle of the Titans. A mysterious force beckons the Kollossae toward a destiny they may not entirely want nor are ready to embrace. Take on a crucible of faith filled with fantastic new enemies and determine if you are fated to be favored by the gods or forsaken by them. In an epic new journey filled with tons of side quests, adventure through a paradise seen by few, and for good reason. Ascend to the floating city above Teeth of Naros and get a glimpse into the future of Amalur. *Once the download has completed you will need to restart the title in order to access the downloadable content.

This item has been delisted and is no longer available to purchase.

Price History

03/12/2019Save 30% USD 6.99
03/12/2019Increase 43% USD 9.99
03/05/2019Drop 30% USD 6.99
01/04/2019Increase 25% USD 9.99
12/21/2018Save 13% USD 6.99
12/21/2018Drop 20% USD 7.99

Regional Pricing

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RegionUSD Price
AustraliaUSD 4.77
CanadaUSD 5.28
GermanyUSD 10.47
United KingdomUSD 8.68
United StatesUSD 9.99


Title Price
Kingdoms Of Amalur: ReckoningDelisted Delisted