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Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Bundle

Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Bundle Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Region: United States
  • Release Date: 08/30/2017
  • Price: USD 15.00 (Was: USD 29.99) Save 50%
  • Cheapest Region: Australia (USD -0.49)
  • Size: Unknown
  • Developer: Unknown
  • Publisher: Unknown

The Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Bundle contains all 3 Expansion packs as well as the 2 Content packs for Dragon Age: Inquisition, the winner of over 130 Game of the Year Awards.

• Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent

• Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser

• Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon

• Dragon Age: Inquisition - Spoils of the Qunari

• Dragon Age: Inquisition - Spoils of the Avvar

The Expansion packs are story-based DLC, playable after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Content packs add new personalization elements to your Inquisition, and also include new sets of unique armor as loot and schematics to give your party the advantage against your foes.

Please note you need to own the base game Dragon Age: Inquisition, sold separately, in order to play the DLC packs in this bundle.

*Requires Dragon Age Inquisition (sold separately) and all game updates.

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08/14/2018Save 50% USD 15.00
07/18/2018Save 67% USD 9.90
05/15/2018Save 67% USD 9.90
12/21/2017Save 67% USD 9.90
10/03/2017Save 67% USD 9.90
09/04/2017New USD 29.99

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AustraliaUSD 14.51
CanadaUSD 15.20
GermanyUSD 17.06
United KingdomUSD 15.89
United StatesUSD 15.00