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Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility
  • Region: United States
  • Release Date: 12/18/2012
  • Price: USD 19.99
  • Cheapest Region: Canada (USD -4.83)
  • Size: 5.54 GB
  • Developer: Gearbox Software
  • Publisher: 2K Games

(Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese. Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting “See Game Manual". A new era of shoot and loot is about to begin. Play as one of four new vault hunters facing off against a massive new world of creatures, psychos and the evil mastermind, Handsome Jack. Make new friends, arm them with a bazillion weapons and fight alongside them in 4 player co-op or split-screen on a relentless quest for revenge and redemption across the undiscovered and unpredictable living planet.

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Price History

07/31/2018Increase 100% USD 19.99
07/19/2018Save 20% USD 7.99
07/19/2018Drop 50% USD 9.99
05/15/2018Save 60% USD 7.99
04/10/2018Increase 100% USD 19.99
03/26/2018Save 20% USD 7.99

Regional Pricing

Pricing does not consider local taxes which may be applicable at the point of sale.
RegionUSD Price
AustraliaUSD 36.65
CanadaUSD 15.16
GermanyUSD 34.89
United KingdomUSD 26.27
United StatesUSD 19.99


Title Price
Borderlands 2 USD 19.99

Downloadable Content

Title Price
Commando Supremacy Pack USD 0.99
Mechromancer Steampunk Slayer Pack USD 0.99
Compatibility Pack Free
Collector's Edition Pack USD 4.99
Commando Domination Pack USD 0.99
Psycho Dark Psyche Pack USD 0.99
Gunzerker Dapper Gent Pack USD 0.99
Headhunter 3: Mercenary Day USD 2.99
Captain Scarlett And Her Pirate's Booty USD 9.99
Siren Supremacy Pack USD 0.99
Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep USD 9.99
Psycho Party Pack USD 0.99
Commando Madness Pack USD 0.99
Mechromancer Madness Pack USD 0.99
Assassin Cl0Ckw0Rk Pack USD 0.99
Siren Madness Pack USD 0.99
Siren Learned Warrior Pack USD 0.99
Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt USD 9.99
Assassin Madness Pack USD 0.99
Psycho Supremacy Pack USD 0.99
Assassin Stinging Blade Pack USD 0.99
Headhunter 4: Wedding Day Massacre USD 2.99
Mr. Torgue's Campaign Of Carnage USD 9.99
Assassin Domination Pack USD 0.99
Psycho Madness Pack USD 0.99
Headhunter 1: Bloody Harvest USD 2.99
Season Pass USD 8.99
Gunzerker Madness Pack USD 0.99
Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack USD 4.99
Mechromancer Beatmaster Pack USD 0.99
Siren Domination Pack USD 0.99
Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 USD 4.99
Gunzerker Supremacy Pack USD 0.99
Psycho Domination Pack USD 0.99
Headhunter 5: Son Of Crawmerax USD 2.99
Creature Slaughterdome USD 4.99
Gunzerker Domination Pack USD 0.99
Siren Glitter And Gore Pack USD 0.99
Commando Haggard Hunter Pack USD 0.99
Headhunter 2: Wattle Gobbler USD 2.99
Mechromancer Pack USD 9.99
Mechromancer Supremacy Pack USD 0.99
Assassin Supremacy Pack USD 0.99
Psycho Pack USD 9.99
Commando Devilish Good Looks Pack USD 0.99
Mechromancer Domination Pack USD 0.99
Gunzerker Greasy Grunt Pack USD 0.99