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Battleblock Theater

Battleblock Theater Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility
  • Region: United States
  • Release Date: 04/03/2013
  • Price: USD 14.99
  • Cheapest Region: Australia (USD -4.21)
  • Size: 1.16 GB
  • Developer: The Behemoth ®
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Shipwrecked. Captured. Betrayed. Forced to perform for an audience of cats? Wait, what?? You’ve just unlocked the door to BattleBlock Theater! There’s no turning back once you've started on your quest to free your imprisoned friends from evil technological cats! Immerse yourself in this mind bending tale of treachery as you battle your way through hundreds of levels in order to discover the puzzling truth behind BattleBlock Theater.

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Price History

09/04/2018New USD 14.99
01/09/2018Save 50% USD 7.49
05/24/2017Increase 301% USD 14.99
05/16/2017Drop 75% USD 3.74
07/12/2016Increase 67% USD 14.99
07/04/2016Save 17% USD 7.49

Regional Pricing

Pricing does not consider local taxes which may be applicable at the point of sale.
RegionUSD Price
AustraliaUSD 10.78
CanadaUSD 11.45
GermanyUSD 16.71
United KingdomUSD 12.86
United StatesUSD 14.99


Title Price
Battleblock Theater USD 14.99