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Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure

Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure Boxart
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Region: United States
  • Release Date: 08/02/2017
  • Price: USD 9.99
  • Cheapest Region: Canada (USD -2.30)
  • Size: 426.14 MB
  • Developer: Unknown
  • Publisher: Cowcat

Demetrios is a quirky adventure game packed with tons of humor!

Bjorn Thonen, a slob of an antique dealer living in Paris, is robbed one night after coming home drunk. Forced to conduct his own investigation with the help of his neighbor Sandra, he ends up involved in a murky, mysterious affair. Will these unlikely heroes be able to rise up and discover ancient secrets?

- A long, varied, standalone adventure (8 to 12 hours of gameplay)

- The Point & Click and Visual Novel genres mixed together!

- Over 15,000 lines of dialog

- Hand drawn art in 1080p

- A high level of interactivity

- Multiple, fun mini-games integrated into the story

- Search and collect hidden cookies for hints on every screen!

- Fully translated into English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian

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Price History

01/21/2020Save 80% USD 1.99
03/05/2019Save 67% USD 3.29
01/08/2019Save 60% USD 3.99
09/03/2018New USD 9.99
05/08/2018Save 50% USD 5.00
01/16/2018Save 50% USD 5.00

Regional Pricing

Pricing does not consider local taxes which may be applicable at the point of sale.
RegionUSD Price
AustraliaNot Available
CanadaUSD 7.69
GermanyUSD 11.96
United KingdomUSD 10.65
United StatesUSD 9.99


Title Price
Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure USD 9.99